Loft Beds Plans

Loft Bed Plans that you can build easily with common tools and materials. A lofted bed frees up floor space so that other items like a desk, chest of drawers, sofa, table or, pretty much anything that will fit can go underneath. Kids' rooms, dormitories and small apartments are some of the usual places lofted beds are used. If you build according to our plans, you will have a safe and sturdy loft bed that is almost bomb proof.These plans are easy to modify and we have a good variety with more coming soon.

You do not have to be a professional woodworker to follow these simple directions to build a loft bed. All that you need are a few common tools and and off-the-shelf lumber and materials. If you can make straight cuts in lumber, drill holes, sand and finish you can do it.

An architect who was buying his second set of beds from our factory for his small children  told me that he he appreciated the simple elegant design and was looking forward to the beds being around for his grandchildren to sleep in. They are that durable. We have the first bunk bed that we built over 17 years ago and the last of our six children are still using it and the plans have improved since then. 

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