Bunk Bed Lost Hardware Replacement

Help, I Lost the Hardware for My Bunk Beds!

Did you move and misplace the hardware for a bunk bed that you already own? Perhaps the movers lost the hardware for your bunk bed in transit. We get many requests monthly for help with this problem. We are sorry to say that it is very unlikely that we have hardware to fit your bunk beds.

First of all it is frustrating to say the least and we are sorry for your loss. If you do not have the hardware, you cannot even match it to something you find in the hardware store or online. I am sorry to say that we have no easy answer for you. The hardware in our kits is very specific to the beds we furnish plans for. It does not fit any other models that we are aware of at this time. I wish that we could sell a universal kit or something of that nature, but the hardware used in different brands and models of bunk beds is so variable that we could not begin to stock all of it. The problem is that many bunks are made overseas with semi-custom or custom hardware that is just plain hard to find anywhere.

Our Best Advice for Replacement Bunk Bed Hardware

Find the manufacturer of the bunk bed and contact them.

If that is not possible, take a sample of the hardware or the exact measurements to a hardware store or home center and see if they can help.

If the moving company lost it, ask where they usually place hardware for beds when they disassemble them.

Improvise with what you can find online or locally or online (but do it safely).

If you have any hardware at all, you are ahead of the game. You can at least search google images and find something like it. If you need to know the name of it, and you can send a picture to us we would be happy to try to help. Describing it over the phone is not usually very productive. If you submit it via email, we can refer it to someone who might be able to help.