College Loft Bed Plans

Going off to college and considering housing? You may want to look into college loft bed plans that can drastically help with space. Loft beds can be a great space-saver in tight living conditions. You can put a desk, a dresser, and other important furniture items underneath your bed.

We have college loft bed plans that will hold twin, extra-long twin, and full size mattresses, available in standard or tall height. If the room in which you plan to put the loft bed has 8 foot or higher ceilings, then you will want the tall height plans. This will give you about 58” of vertical space under the loft. That is plenty of room for most adults to comfortably sit at a desk underneath. Our college loft bed plans meet all CPSC safety standards and are designed to easily hold the weight of one or more adults or children. They are designed to be cost-effective to build, very sturdy, durable and hold up to many years of HARD use.

If you have never built anything before, with a few simple tools and standard off-the-shelf materials, you can build a loft bed using our plans. Download yours now!




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