Plans to Build Trundle Beds

This arrangement has been around since ancient times as well. Originally referred to in Old English as a "truckle bed", the trundle is actually any small bed on wheels that usually fits beneath a taller bed. The trundle can be stowed away when unoccupied and made ready for use at a moment’s notice. With the mattress removed, the bed can double as a large drawer for storage of bedding, luggage, off-season clothing, children's train sets or any item that fits. Trundle beds are a great alternative to a bunk bed. Our trundle bed plans show how to build trundle beds that utilizes common easy to find materials and standard twin mattresses. Trundle beds that are covered by our plans can be modified easily to accommodate an extra-long mattress on top and a standard twin in the trundle bed. For a better description of common mattress sizes please see our mattress size chart by clicking here.

Trundle beds are a great alternative to bunk beds. You can put two people’s beds in the space of one by day. They make a great guest bed. You can use the trundle drawer as storage space and put an inflatable or foam mattress in when guests arrive. Simple easy to follow directions and diagrams eliminate the questions and confusion. Download plans now and get started today.


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