Hardware Kits

Bunk Bed Hardware Kits

your hardware locally, but on average it won't save you any money and it will not be the same high quality, furniture grad e hardware that we sell in our kits. The main furniture lags that will be plainly visible on your new bed, are made from hardened steel and are black plated so they look nice. The screws that we furnish are factory assembly screws and are far superior to common, drywall screws in finish and break resistance. Below are some pictures that might be useful in making your decision.

  • Get Quality Hardware Used by Manufacturers.
  • Free Shipping!
  • Fast Shipping!
  • Save time shopping! 
  • Everything is in the kit except the wood!
  • Bronze plated hardened steel bolts.
  • Looks much better than common hardware.
  • Kit Includes Square drive bit at no additional charge.
  • Hardened steel screws and bolts.
  • Download your plan today and get started and we usually get the hardware to you before you need it.
  • Designed for furniture.
  • Plans describe all hardware you need if you chose to buy it locally.
  • StandardHardware

    (Available at Hardware Stores)
    Old Hardware2a.jpg
    Standard Hardware 1.jpg
  • New Bronze Bolts

    (Available Here!)
    New Hardware2.jpg
    New Hardware.jpg

You can build your new beds from our plans using common hardware obtained from a hardware store or home center and they will be very durable and look fine but consider the following reasons to buy from us.

All of the required fasteners, handles, casters and other hardware (not including lumber) is included in the kits we sell. Although you can readily find all of the necessary components in your local area we believe it is economical to buy our hardware kits for the following reasons. Our hardware is higher quality than what you buy at home centers. Buying our hardware kits will save you the time you would have to spend shopping for the necessary components plus our prices include delivery to the 50 United States! Our kits include bronze plated, low profile, commercial grade, furniture bolts and the square drive bit tool.