The following are some answers to some very good questions we hear frequently.

How much does wood cost if I build my own bunk bed from your plans ?

You will find the wood shopping list for each of the beds on the page pertaining to that plan. You can easily call around to local lumber suppliers to get prices on the lumber and determine you overall cost. 

How do you ship your plans and hardware kits?

If you order hardware kit with plans, they are shipped FedEx ground and arrive in the continental U.S. within 3-6 working days.  You will receive an e-mail notification with a tracking number and can track your shipment at  If you order the plans alone, they are available for download at the time you order. You can also login to our website and download them at any time for up to one week. We will also email them to you at your request at any time even after your download expires. The plans are available for mailing by postal mail printed and bound for an additional $5.95. Faster shipping may be available for an extra charge.  Call for details.

Are these beds sturdy and safe enough for children and adults?

These designs are among the sturdiest and safest you will find in the industry.  When you follow our plans you will have a bed that will serve you for many years and through many moves (if the need arises).   You can be assured that these designs will support either children or adults safely.

How hard are these beds to build?

If you can make a straight cut in lumber with a circular saw, drill a straight hole and operate a power sander you should have very little trouble building a bunk bed, loft bed or trundle bed with our plans.  We have made the plans as easy to follow as possible including tips for the amateur to make the job easier.  If you do not think you have the ability to build your own you might consider paying a family member or someone in your area to build them for you following our plans.

What is included in the hardware kit you sell?

All of the required hardware not including wood is included in the kits we sell.  Although you can readily find all of the necessary components we believe it is economical to buy our hardware kits for the following reasons.  We recently surveyed the prices at our local Lowe's and Home Depot stores and found our hardware kits were very competitively priced and were of superior quallity.  Buying our hardware kits will save the time you would have spent shopping for the necessary hardware and plans and hardware kit prices include shipping. No additionl charges!!

Can your plans be modified to accommodate an extra long mattress?

Since every generation seems to grow taller than the last extra long mattresses have become very common these days.  These designs are versatile enough that they can easily be modified to accommodate extra long mattresses.  In fact, you can even change the plans to accommodate full or queen size mattresses with a few modifications. Many plans are available in extra long size.  Those that are not are easy enough to modify.  Just ask for details. 

How do I determine the cost of materials I will need to build my bed?

We have provided the wood shopping list from each of our plans so that you can price the lumber and determine the overall cost of building your bed. Our hardware kits are honestly a good deal.  We strive to make our prices competitive with home centers and lumber yards and we use higher quality screws, casters and other items than can be readily found at these retailers. 

**The Home Depot and Lowe's have websites that give lumber prices by store location. This is very convenient.

What tools do I need to build a bed from these plans?

You can build a triple bunk bed with little or no experience in woodworking. All that you need are a circular saw, an electric drill, a sander (preferably a power one) and a few bits.