Bunk Bed Plan Twin over Twin with Drawers or Trundle (does not unstack)

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Bunk bed plans to build a twin over twin bunk bed and a set of huge heavy duty storage drawers. This 20+ page comprehensive plan explains how to select lumber, cut, sand, drill, apply finish and assemble a beautiful wooden bunk bed that is as solid and sturdy as those built by Bunk Beds Unlimited. It comes with a store-ready quick shopping list so that you can head right out and purchase the materials you need to get started. This plan makes use of widely available easy to obtain off-the-shelf lumber and materials. You can build it even if you have little or no woodworking experience using a circular saw, an electric drill, a power sander and a few hand tools. By purchasing our plan set you can build your own Bunk Bed saving hundreds of dollars. It is a great first woodworking project or family project.

This plan covers construction of the bunk bed only, or a bunk with two storage drawers. Free plans are available for set of three storage drawers or trundle bed on our free plans page.  This bunk measures 65” tall by 81” long by 42 ½” wide and uses two twin-size standard mattresses. This model of bunk bed does not separate into two beds.   (see Stackable Bunk Model). The finished bed will stand up to daily use for many years and continue to look nice. Many of the beds we have manufactured have been in daily use in hotels, camps, shelters and other institutions for 15 years or more, supporting adult weight and still look great.

The hardware kit has all hardware needed to complete the bunk bed only, or bunk with storage drawers or trundle bed underneath.  It includes all fasteners and black plated furniture lags that give the bed a professional appearance. Additional hardware such as wooden drawer handles and heavy-duty carpet casters for the storage or trundle drawers is available by ordering the bed and drawers hardware kit.

Our hardware kits are higher quality, much more convenient and a better price than if you purchase the items at your local home center or hardware store. (*Please note that the lumber is not included in the hardware kit.*)

Price includes shipping on hardware kits to all 50 United States (others write for details). Great value!



Wood Shopping List


Actual Dimensions



1 ½” x 5 ½” x 10’

2 x 6 x 10 ft.


1 ½” x 3 ½” x 8’

2 x 4 x 8 ft.


1 ½” x 1 ½” x 6’

2 x 2 x 6 ft.


¾” x 4’ x 8’

4 x 8 ft sheet of ¾” MDF or Plywood


Hardware Shopping List





5/16” x 4”

Lag Bolts and Washers


2 ½” #8

Phillips Wood Screws


1 ½” #8

Phillips Wood Screws


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4
    VERY sturdy, good looking, thoughtful design

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Mar 2018

    I am very satisfied with this bed. It looks good enough for childrens' bedrooms, and it is simple to construct, and is extremely sturdy. BY FAR the sturdiest bunk bed I have every found, even sturdier than metal tubing beds found in college dorms or in the military. However, mind that once constructed inside the room it will not fit through a 36' door. This furniture needs to be constructed in-situ and if it is removed it will need to be unscrewed. It is a thoughtful design, very safe, and has a certain utilitarian elegance. It should be made of Southern Yellow Pine; it is the only framing lumber that is hard enough and handsome enough for the job. My only criticisms are the following: 1) the directions are a bit confusing. 2) the directions to measure out drill holes and pre-drill I thankfully ignored. There is no way that precise enough holes can be made anyway besides fitting the piece to where it goes and then drilling the holes in-situ. 3) The hole sizes recommended are greatly oversized for the recommended hardware. I found much better engagement using 1/4 rather than 9/32nd bits for the lag screws. The wood screws used need no pre-drilling in pine. 4) THERE IS A LOT OF SANDING. Sanding is about 80% of the time you will spend building these beds. Where I live Southern Yellow Pine, which is the best wood for the job, is only sold in 2x8x8' or larger sizes, so you must re-saw to do this job, and the only way that is happening with any accuracy is on a table saw with a good sharp ripping blade. A belt sander and a table saw are essential tools in my opinion. A drum sander would save a lot of time, too. 5) The finishing recommendations are to be ignored in my opinion. Putting a water based anything on freshly sanded pine is going to raise the grain and look terrible. My recommendation: a base coat of 1 part terpentine to 2 parts boiled linseed oil (use raw if you are concerned about chemicals) then two or three more coats of straight boiled linseed oil on top. Oil finishes are not very durable, but they look nice, and DO NOT NEED to be sanded down to bare wood to add finish. Just add another coat in the future if the bed starts to look worn. The yellowness of linseed oil enhances the appearance of SYP more than just about any other wood. 6) The shipped hardware is of no better quality or lower price than what is available at Home Depot. It is just cabinetry grade (not carpentry grade) fasteners (like GRK or Spax). The brown lag screws look goofy with pine. I almost considered buying the gold-colored lag screws at my local Home Depot instead. 7) An inexpensive Swanson Speed square or similar tool will greatly improve the accuracy of cross-cuts if a circular saw is used, and it is very handy for making things square. Remember that when you make the ends of the bed (the ladders). The diagonal measurements from corner to corner should be within an eighth of an inch if you want it to sit squarely on the floor.

  • 5
    Strong enough for adults and great for children-great at lake

    Posted by Lolly on 26th May 2015

    My husband and I built these and put them in our lake house. We completed 2 sets of bunk beds in one day. It was difficult to get both done, but look great. The plan doesn't give you a step by step for the later stages so it was a little confusing. Once we studied it we moved along quickly. I would recommend this to anyone! I think they will be there for many years. The service was wonderful and download of plan very easy!

  • 5
    wonderful service

    Posted by Rhonda Wahrmund on 24th Mar 2012

    Thank you so much. I am looking forward to beginning this project! Your service is wonderful.