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Cover Your Box Spring without using a Bed Skirt

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Cover Your Box Spring without using a Bed Skirt

Bed skirts are helpful in hiding objects stored under a bed, and hide the box spring, but what if you either don’t like the look of bed skirts, or in my case, the frame of the bed makes a bed skirt impractical?

Dress up your bed without fussy bed skirts by using a sheet to cover the box spring!

I love our bed frame, but the way it is designed, a bed skirt is too long and hangs below the frame looking messy. 

I was frustrated every morning making our bed with having to tuck the skirt up under the mattress so that it didn’t show below the frame.The sides of the bed, also show a bit of the box spring above the frame.

Today, when changing our sheets, I had an inspiration. After turning and flipping the mattress, which you should do every six months, the bed skirt was giving me a lot of trouble staying in place, and in frustration I ripped it out from under the mattress.Then I sat down on the front porch to drink a cup of coffee and mull over my situation. I didn’t want the box spring to be visible, and I was sick and tired of that bed skirt fighting with me every morning. In the past I had tried using duct tape and packing tape to make it stay in the place I wanted it, but that never lasted more than a day or two. 

We have our box spring and mattress covered to prevent dust mite and bed bugs, so I didn’t want to interrupt the covers by pinning or sewing the skirt to the mattress or box spring.Then I remembered the old sheet set that I keep as an emergency back-up set. Being a sort of wanna be minimalist, I have only two sets of sheets per bed, and keep one old set for emergencies. 

Since I had not needed that 3rd set in forever, I had recently sacrificed the fitted sheet for my grandson’s Halloween Ghost costume. A worthy sacrifice, wouldn't you agree?

I did still have the top sheet, which I had planned to use as a painting drop cloth. I gave it a try, and I am very happy with how it turned out. Next time I have an old fitted sheet, I will see which one I like better, but this top sheet worked just fine.  I placed it under the mattress so that it covered the box spring, but made sure that it didn’t go below the level of the frame on all sides of the bed. 

Then I tucked it down into the frame.

The old sheet is white, and my new ones are taupe, but with the white background on our quilt, I like the contrast.

After completely making the bed, how does it look?

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