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Tricks for making the top bed in a bunk bed

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Frequently, I am asked, "How do you make the top bed in a bunk bed?"  In this video I show you a few tricks to teach your children so that it is fairly effortless every morning for them to make their bed neatly.  

When we first started selling bunk beds, we took potential customers into our children's bedrooms and showed them the actual bed our children slept in.  Consequently, we had to learn some fast tricks for cleaning up the room.  

At first customers would call and make an appointment, so we generally had time to clean up, but when it became common for nearly everyone to have a cellphone, we would sometimes receive a call from someone sitting in our driveway!  Oh My!  My kids and I developed a three-minute drill that would ensure the room was "customer-ready"!

Housekeeping Tips and Tricks #1 - the bathroom

I love a clean, organized house, but I do not like to clean.  The solution?  I have learned some shortcuts, tips and tricks - some I have learned from others, and some I have learned on my own.  I will begin putting some of these into blog posts to pass along to you!Tip #1  The [...]

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Making children's rooms bigger

Are you in need of space in your children’s rooms? If you are like most modern families the answer is a huge Y-E-S! It seems that in our modern society the accumulation of STUFF is almost out of control. This is largely a result of the industrial revolution finding ultra-cheap labor in Asia, particularly China. [...]

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Build your own or buy a bunk bed?

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds; Building your own vs. Buying Looking for bunk beds or loft beds? Ever considered building your own instead of buying them? There are significant advantages to building your own bunk bed, loft bed or even a trundle bed. In this article I will discuss some good reasons that other [...]

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How Sturdy are the bunk beds?

Will they hold adult weight?  This is a question we get frequently.   This is a Stackable Bunk Bed we built from the very same plan that we sell. We took this bunk bed photograph in our store a few years ago with five adults on it. The bed held up well and could have held [...]

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Three tips to caring for your wooden furniture

You have invested in furniture made of solid wood, now you want to care for your investment properly. Besides dusting regularly, there are a few other tasks you can do occasionally that will reduce your dusting needs and also magnify the beautiful wood grains. To ensure wooden furniture looks great and is protected long-term, these three items [...]

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3 Organizing Tips when Working with Children

Make time to tell your child one specific thing you really like about them as a person.An example might be, the way they share with others or how they stay focused on a task.Make sure you are sincere and they will beam! 3 Organizing tips to get you started:You want to help your child organize their room, but feel so [...]

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