Housekeeping Tips and Tricks #1 - the bathroom

Posted by Sherry Phillips on 4th Nov 2017

Housekeeping Tips and Tricks #1 - the bathroom

I love a clean, organized house, but I do not like to clean.  The solution?  I have learned some shortcuts, tips and tricks - some I have learned from others, and some I have learned on my own.  I will begin putting some of these into blog posts to pass along to you!

Tip #1  The Bathroom

Do you find it almost impossible to remove all of the hairs in your bathroom?  In our master bathroom, we have white floor tiles, a white pedestal sink, and a white commode. Hairs really show up on white!  I used to wipe, rinse, wipe, rinse, wipe, rinse until I thought I would go mad, and still could never get all the hairs wiped off.

The solution?  A friend who was a professional cleaner for a four star hotel shared this sanity-saving tip:  vacuum the floors and baseboards, and anything else you can reach while it's dry, before you begin to clean.  

It really works!  Take everything out of the room that is on the floor, and vacuum with your upright, then pop on the hose attachment and get in all of the corners -- everywhere you can reach.  

This truly will take less than 5 minutes, but then you can clean quickly without battling the hairs.

What is your favorite bathroom cleaning hack?