Build your own or buy a bunk bed?

Build your own or buy a bunk bed?

Posted by Patrick Phillips on 15th Oct 2017

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds; Building your own vs. Buying Looking for bunk beds or loft beds? Ever considered building your own instead of buying them? There are significant advantages to building … read more
How Sturdy are the bunk beds?

How Sturdy are the bunk beds?

Posted by Sherry Phillips on 8th Oct 2017

Will they hold adult weight?  This is a question we get frequently.   This is a Stackable Bunk Bed we built from the very same plan that we sell. We took this bunk bed photograph in o … read more

Three tips to caring for your wooden furniture

Posted by homeschoolerz on 28th Jan 2016

You have invested in furniture made of solid wood, now you want to care for your investment properly. Besides dusting regularly, there are a few other tasks you can do occasionally that will reduc … read more

3 Organizing Tips when Working with Children

Posted by homeschoolerz on 19th Jan 2016

Make time to tell your child one specific thing you really like about them as a person.An example might be, the way they share with others or how they stay focused on a task.Make sure you are sincer … read more