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3 Organizing Tips when Working with Children

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Make time to tell your child one specific thing you really like about them as a person.An example might be, the way they share with others or how they stay focused on a task.Make sure you are sincere and they will beam!

3 Organizing tips to get you started:

You want to help your child organize their room, but feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start.I have been there many times.Allow me to hand down a few guidelines.

  • 1. Keep it short

Avoid the mistake of trying to fix it in one fell swoop.Children (and parents) have short attention spans when organizing.Try breaking it down into small sections and tackling one at a time.Clothes one week, art/craft supplies next week, etc.If you have a weekly cleaning schedule, add 15 minutes to the routine to work on a different section each week.Be sure to tell the children the time and specific goal so they know there is an end in sight.Maintain areas you have organized with a 5 minute daily pickup and weekly cleaning routines.

  • 2. Plan a reward

Cleaning to upbeat music played quietly in the background works wonders for us.Having something fun to look forward to when finished is also important.Video game time, playdate with a friend, or ice cream are all great rewards for hard work at the end.I always try to remind them of the coming reward as we work.

  • 3.Remember your goals

What is YOUR reason for getting organized?To make cleaning easier?To find what you’re looking for?If your child has allergies to dust mites, then learning to keep the environment allergy-free is an important habit to teach.Everyone’s personal standards are different from everyone else’s.Don’t hold yourself (or your child) to your neighbor or your best friend’s standards.Also, keep in mind that your child’s standards are not yours.Help him (or her) find their own way of organizing, especially as they get older.

What would you add?I’d love to hear your organizing tips!